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  1. Stuart Hall says:

    Looking through these iconic photos brought so many memories back, but more importantly preserve the memories of that era,’forever’.
    Thank you so much Brian for your dedication over the years,invaluable dedication.

  2. Phil Sidebottom says:

    Like others have said on here, looking at the photo’s bring back many many memories. Wine drinking all the way to the stadiums, a bloody good night watching the lads tear around the tracks. Into the nearest pub for more ale, then a good feed on fish and chips, and then home, draining the dregs from the wine bottles on the way back.

    I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Thanks to all the drivers who entertained us for many years. To those who are now racing above the clouds, you will never be forgotten.

    We delved into the racing for a few years ourselves, with my mate Rob Maw 409 doing the driving and spending his brass on buses and cars. I ended up doing the bus driving, sadly that was the end of my wine drinking days.

    Thanks to the owner of the site for all the hard work he must do keeping it up and running.


  3. Pete Saunders says:

    First stock car meet Brafield 1960 ,I was 5 yrs old, Willie Harrison was a young lad! Followed the sport through 70’s 80’s 90’s don’t go so much these days ,great to look back at these great old photos, brings back some very fond memories loved those smithy guinchard,Cronshaw, Chisholm battles. Legendary .

  4. Zoe says:

    Hi im just wondering if any of you might have known my dad Doug Kemp, i was 9 months old when he died coming back from a race i dont have much info about him i know he knew Doug Cronshaw, and information would be great thank you Zoe

    I can be contacted on

  5. Keith Smith says:

    Hi Brian great site ,great photo’s ,great memories.

  6. peter smith says:

    Hi Brian, i have just been looking at some of the great stock car pics which you have taken over the yrs, such happy memories they brought me. rekindling action packed Saturday nights at Belle Vue, Long Eaton, Bradford and Coventry. I only wish there was a stock car track in my neck of the woods on the Wirral, thanks for the opportunity to view some great unseen stock car pics.

  7. Owen Jackson says:

    Found your page by accident- Boy- oh- boy, did it bring back some happy memories -My home track was also Aycliffe and started going at the age of 12 in 1969, and was there till its last meeting. Still following the F1’s but just selective meetings due to travelling distance, but nearly always get to the World Finals.When I’m going round the pits talking to drivers, I am talking to some of the grandsons of the drivers I supported as a child. -Still following F2’s at Barford raceway (their World Final is this Saturday).Introduced my son to Stox at the age of 6 at Aycliffe ,he’s now 30 and we still go to stox together, but now he drives ?? got lots of photo’s in the attic of action at Aycliffe & Hartlepool.
    I would like to thank you for sharing your photos with us and bringing back a lot of happy memories.
    Many Thanks Owen

  8. stephen yardy says:

    i have f1 stockcar racing from 1969 to 1999 along with my late father and my late uncle. We all thought it is one of the best forms of motor sport going, we often went to 4 meetings a week, i like this site because it brings back good memories of the old days of F1 stockcars, keep up the exellent work.

  9. Paul Finnigan says:

    An excellent site, fabulous photos, brought back great memories. Thank you.

  10. ken coomber says:

    love the website ,brings back memories of racing in the northeast,wish we could bring back f1s back to the northeast,went to aycliffe reunion in 2008 wondered what buster watson is up to these days any info most apprieciated,keep up the good work ,ken

  11. michael graham says:

    Hi brian loved the website it brought back so many happy memories for me.I still follow the racing today but unfortunatley due to the costs i dont do as much travelling now. Keep up the good work.

  12. Paul Williams says:

    Dear Sir,
    I used to race stock cars in the mid “80s as 488.
    Do you have any pictures of me the right frikkin way up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love the website. Brings back great memories, hope you are still doing well. Smiler still rules!!

  13. Liz Thompson says:

    want to contact nigel buster watson – i used to drive the bus home when ted frater was driving and they all got so drunk… glad he achieved so much… he was always better than Ted!!!

  14. Rob Blaydock says:

    hi brian, thanks so much for posting up all these great photos from the past, it was very nostalgic to view them(im only 35), remember lots of the cars and drivers and meetings well as been going to aycliffe and hartlepool since about 1985.dont go much now to meetings with barford the only local track and no f1? but still follow with an iterest on the web, binns515 has some great video footage from our local tracks from the 80,s and 90,s youtube him to have alook!
    again cheers for jogging the memories and look forward to maybe getting to a few meetings this year

  15. Tom Lorimer says:

    just been looking at the photos, brought back some great memories of when i was a kid going to aycliffe and hartlepool.
    esecially the one of les ‘little ugly’ mitchell when he rolled the van on the way to bradford. i was in the van

  16. Steven Huskinson says:

    I am 16 years old and have been watching stockcars since i was 7. Im a massive Frankie Wainman Junior Fan and i love the pictures on your website of him in Ministox etc. Ive also got your Bradford Dvd from the Les cotton website. It’s great! Keep up the good work with your website and keep on trackin!!

  17. Stoxpics says:

    Having just started my own site I was delighted to find yours. Frankie , Smithy, Doug Cronshaw, Brian Powles, Andy smith they were all there. It took me back to the days when I lived for the sport and even if the cars were covered in shale you could still tell who was who beacuse all the cars were different. Great Site and thanks sharing it with us.

  18. Martin says:

    I lived in bury and went to every track from 1974 to 1989 when moved to u.s.a.,great web site many memories smiffy/chisholm ,wolfie/smitty,cronshaw/smiffy.

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